Shooting a messenger line over a haul cable during lift evacuation training at Eldora Mountain Resort, Nederland, CO.


March 2006-April 2012 (Seasonally)

Eldora Mountain Resort

Nederland, CO

  • Wrote the Eldora Ski Patrol Manual.
  • Planned, developed curriculum, implemented, and instructed an EMT-to-OEC Bridge Class. Coordinated instructors, students, facilities, etc.
  • Wrote a comprehensive 230-page Ski Patrol Manual including trail maps, paperwork examples, and sweep route maps. 
  • Responded to medical calls/incidents within ski area boundary.
  • Treated and transported patients from ski hill to first aid building.
  • Conducted accident investigations. Photographed accident scenes, documented facts and circumstances of incident, drew diagrams of incident site, compiled required paperwork, prepared reports of investigation findings.
  • Acted as mountain dispatcher.
  • Maintained documentation of incident response and prepared patient reports.
  • Interviewed parties reporting missing persons.
  • Maintained signage, fences, boundary ropes, top and bottom lift terminal closures, and other features on a daily basis.
  • Ensured all aspects of mountain operations complied with ANSI regulations.
  • Apprehended and educated skiers and riders in violation of area regulations or the Skier’s Responsibility Code.