November 2008-October 2010

City of Boulder Open Space & Mountain Parks

  • Performed foot patrol of OMSP lands; provided education to visitors; issued citations for violations.
  • Provided educational programs.
  • Participated in prescribed burns; initial attack of wild land fires.
  • Responded to medical, search, and rescue calls.
  • Performed maintenance of fences, signage, etc.
  • Felled hazard trees.
  • Prepared written documentation of incidents/calls.
  • Completed 10-week Volunteer Naturalist Training program.
  • Participated in an 8-month monitoring program studying use patterns and compliance rates of a newly-established trail system; maintained records of patrols; transferred recorded data into database; worked directly with Resource Monitoring staff.
  • Investigated trespassing violations occurring on an OSMP property; made recommendations to mitigate violations; implemented solutions.